Doctoral Dissertation

Elastic Net, Synthetic Control, and Difference-In- Differences methods: Twitter Evidence of an acquisition impact on customers (With Bart Vanneste and Anil Doshi; working paper)

In preparation for submission to Strategic Management Journal

  • Nominated for Best Paper Award at Strategy division of the 78th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, 2018 (Chicago)
  • Presented at the 38th Annual Conference of the Strategic Management Society, 2018 (Paris)
  • Presented at the PhD Research Day in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Strategy at Imperial Business School, 2018.
50 million followers can’t be wrong, or can they? The Influence of Social media on thinking process (Working paper)
In preparation for submission to Organization Science
  • Presented at the 35th EGOS Colloquium, 2019 (Edinburgh)

Influence of social media feedback on firms strategic decisions (Data analysis)

Other work in progress

To Go Against the Flow? Social Media Feedback and Voting Turnovers at US Congress (Conceptual stage)